Thinking about visiting our church and stopping by the website first? Not to worry: no, we don’t expect you to give right now! But we do think you should know why we think it’s important for Christians to give their money. 

First, Jesus seems to simply expect it. In Matthew 6:2, Jesus says “when you give alms…” not “if.” Caring for the needs of the poor and supporting the work of God’s kingdom are part of God’s expectations for believers. 

But beyond expectation, giving is one of the great privileges of faith! Giving pulls us from the mindset that what we have is our own, and instead reminds us that all we have is a blessing from God with which we get to bless others. Giving shows that God and God’s work mean more to us than our stuff. 

And while giving to non-profits and meaningful work that you believe in is a great practice of its own, at Central Baptist we believe that giving to the church is incredibly important because it unites us as a family of believers in the common work that we have been called to. Giving to the church allows us to support one another in times of need. It unifies us in financially supporting the things that God gives us as a Church to support. 

All things considered, we truly believe that giving is a significant part of our life as believers. If you’d like more information on what ministries our offerings support, please visit our Ministry Partners page or Contact Us.

You can give online by clicking on the button at the top or bottom of this page, or to setup an auto-draft giving option, simply download the form below, fill it out, and return it to the church office. 

Autodraft Form

If you would like to designate your gift specifically for “CBF” or “SBC” please indicate that in the memo line of the giving page.